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After two days of getting a hold on Hugo’s templating syntax (copy and pasting), the site is now in a state where I can make non-test entries. I briefly had a Hugo site shortly after Status, it was alright from what I remember but I didn’t make good use of Hugo’s featureset. It used a Chinese script-heavy theme I had gotten off GitHub. Using JQuery for a dark mode switcher! Barbaric.

Think of the site as a slightly oraganized writing dump. There are no set topics for right now, just whatever I happen to be working on or want to talk about. I have a few ideas noted in Obsidian but those can wait. I’ve wanted to get better at general writing for a while now. I’m bad at putting thoughts into writing without it sounding pretentious or robotic, so expect a bit of that for the first few months.

Shout out to bulb for the generous hosting. I am a member of Somnolescent! Fursona and everything! I was always talking to the group on whatever Outposts Discord was up that month, so there isn’t much new to get used to. I’m just more involved with them now, which is great. They’re all great! You should check out their sites.

Not much else under the Sun, so I suppose this concludes the first entry. Keep it real.

Published: May 28, 2023
Tags: updates, web,