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Another Day, Another Dollar

Has one of the retro Twitter remakes of all time.

Blips. It was never supposed to be a long-term primary focus of mine. The process was remake Twitter, throw some ads on it, and call it a day. Passive income! Of course, mindsets change for the better. People used the site in good faith and I, likewise, started working on it in good faith.

The late and great ‘07 layout! Still looks clean, much to Windows scaling’s dismay.

I briefly shut it down in early 2022 to “work on other projects” and immediately began missing it. A month later, I got it all back up and added direct messaging. Later rewrote it with a new layout, remade Twitter’s SMS service (albiet in a very ghetto way), and I am now working on the much requested 2012 layout.

It will be a while before it comes out of course, which leaves a majority of my workload to banning children. Speaking of which…

lmao janny

does it for free

Banned someone, went to bed, woke up, and found them spamming the public timeline under an alt.

Unrelenting mental anguish.

Thus began the cycle of logging into PhpMyAdmin and switching their suspended cell to 1. Easy as pie. I really need to put in an actual admin panel at some point.


Speaking of working on Blips, I was poking at imgproxy a bit earlier today. One of the recommended install options was a Docker container. I installed Docker Desktop, and it did not work because I didn’t have Linux subsystem stuff set up. After trecking through that mess, I was left with a fast and sensible replacement for the classic “resize the image on upload” leitmotif that’s been present since Status.

Aw yeah, now we’re cooking with olive oil.

Of course it runs it’s own little web server so I’ll have to do some jank nginx proxy configuration to use it, but it is still a game changer and I look forward to using it.

Sorry to end this so suddenly, for I have ran out of material to talk about. Keep it real, please.

Edit: With the inclusion of images, I spent an hour trying to get Hugo’s render hooks and image processing to work together. This sucks.

Published: May 29, 2023
Tags: blips, web,